Trust is a cornerstone of diving and diving instruction, and I value your trust whether or not you take lessons from me. Here’s what you can expect if you share your contact information with me:​

I will never share your contact information with a third party, and you won’t somehow get signed up for things you don’t remember signing up for. Here are the only ways I will ever use your contact information:

  1. Respond to you on threads that you initiate
  2. Request permission to communicate with you for any other reason
  3. Communicate with you for reasons for which I have your permission

I don’t like it when my contact information is used without my permission, and I won’t do that to you. Please feel free to contact me without concern.

For everyone’s safety, AWSA has suspended all diving and dive training activities during the Corona Virus pandemic. We are eager to re-open, and we’re already planning several classes for our calendar! Please let us know what certifications you’re interested in and we will contact you when it’s safe to go diving again!Contact Me