Frequently Asked Questions about Becoming a Scuba Diver


What's it like to get certified?

At Another World Scuba Academy, getting certified is fun, because that’s what it should be. You won’t be pressured, hurried, ignored, or judged. Your challenges are accepted and embraced, because it’s the only way to address them so that you surmount them and go on to become a confident diver. 

It starts in the classroom where you’ll learn some cool things about how scuba works so that you’ll know what you’re doing in the pool and learn skills safely. The pool is where the real fun starts, and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to use the pool to practice and get comfortable enough for the last phase: open water dives! The real thing! In open water, you’ll demonstrate your skills in four dives. The fourth and last dive is all yours! You plan it and I follow your lead!

In everything you do, you only move to the next step when you feel ready. You are never under pressure to move on, to keep up with the group, or do something that you’re not comfortable doing! You’re always comfortable and in control! Just like when you dive.


How long does it take?

You start on a weekend, and two weekends later you’re certified! Or it could take longer for you. I’m not not the fastest outfit in town, but that’s because I don’t want you to feel rushed, and I want you to have plenty of opportunities to practice, whether it’s knowledge in the classroom or skills in the pool. There is more time in the course for you to practice and work things out than there is “official time” scheduled.

Learning to dive has to be about building confidence, and that can only happen if we go at your pace.


How much money will I spend?

Please check the Open Water Diver course for up-to-date information on cost. All told, it will run you about $700 – $1,000 or more depending on your choices.

If you’re comparing prices, please keep in mind that I’m referring to the “all told” cost here. Advertisements for dramatically lower prices are almost always for the “Learn to Dive” component only (classroom & pool) and do not include the mandatory certification dives. Please check carefully before you compare.


Will I be safe?

Done the right way, scuba diving is a very safe activity with a very low accident rate of about half of one percent, and virtually all of those involve divers who were not prepared for the situations they put themselves into. As long as you dive with knowledge and skills, and not with your fingers crossed, you will be safe. That’s not an opinion, that comes from the numbers.

Also, everything you learn is done in gradual steps, so that you are comfortable every time you take a step forward. As an example, consider how you learn to breathe underwater:

In full scuba gear, you start out by standing in waist-high water with your feet planted firmly on the bottom of the pool. With your head above water, you’ll take a few breaths out of the regulator, and, when you feel ready, you’ll bend over and put only your face in the water as you get used to breathing underwater. You’re still standing, so you can pull your face out of the water at any time you become uncomfortable. And, again when you feel ready, we’ll drop to our knees on the bottom and breathe air fully submerged! Again, you can just stand up if you become uncomfortable in the beginning. You are never thrust into a new skill without the preparation for it.

In addition, you will constantly be under my direct supervision. I will always have a watchful eye on you. As an instructor, I am well prepared through training to keep you safe.